• Medical equipment

    Medical equipment one-stop sourcing center,removing costly time consuming searches for products
  • Commission-agency

    Help customer to check the products quality,Free warehouse for customer delivery the goods together, Business Negotiations to get best price
  • Choose your need

    Raw material for production ,semi-finished product,connector.

About Us


Senmed Medical was established to fill the needs of global buyers sourcing products in China.
Established by a group of experts in different fields of the medical device business our goal is to provide our global partners a single source of supply.
With over 20 years of experience in the medical device business, we are able to provide you with a reliable product supply, through our varied selection of manufacturers.
Our unique service provides a solution to the challenges of sourcing products and services in china, removing costly time consuming searches for products.Read More >>


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    News Three

    Dear customers,weolcome to our website,may you have a good time
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    Dear customers,weolcome to our website,may you have a good time

Why Choose Us?

1. Allow guests to enjoy one-stop shopping convenience, product quality assurance is more
2. For manufacturer:
*Raw material supply
*Supplier supply
*Technological guidance
*Tooling design and made
*Process planning
3. For a large amount of procurement
*commission agency
*find the good supplier
*get the best price from supplier
*free warehouse
*QC and shippment together
*Products design and develop
*Tooling design and develop
*find the best supplier
*Technological guidance


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